Mr. Mike Klasco


Menlo Scientific有限公司总裁

Life Member Audio Engineering Society

President Menlo Scientific Ltd.

Mike Klasco and his firm Menlo Scientific Ltd provides audio engineering and sourcing consulting services since 1983. Mike also writes for Voice Coil magazine, AudioXpress and the on-line newsletter The Audio Voice. Mike has over a dozen patents assigned or licenced to Yamaha, Teijin, Armstrong World Industries, and others. Representative clients and projects range from the development of the Beats headphones and the Xbox 360 headsets to sourcing guidance for Apple to reference designs for Intel and work on pure Graphene transducers for GraphAudio /Larwence National Labs University Berkeley . Menlo Scientific has supported the development and introduction of the supply chain for many materials into the loudspeaker supply chain from DuPont, Teijin, Propex, ExxonMobil, and quite a few others and is often called the "small firm with big clients". Mike's talk is on new materials for speakers for 2020.