Prof. Torsten Dau



Hearing Systems group主席

Professor, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Ph.D in Physics, University of Oldenburg, Germany

Head of the Hearing Systems group

Torsten Dau 是听觉系统集团(Hearing Systems group) 的主席。该集团的研究范围涵盖声音感知、听力损伤以及相关声学技术研发,如助听器、人工耳蜗和3D声效。Torsen本人尤为感兴趣的领域包括复杂声学环境中的人声感知,以及对听觉系统中的信号处理进行定量建模。

Torsten Dau is the head of the Hearing Systems group, which conducts research in sound perception, hearing loss, and related acoustic technology, such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and 3D sound. Torsten is particularly interested in human sound perception in complex acoustic environments and quantitative modeling of the signal processing in the auditory system.