Dr. Vasco Marelli


Junior Scientist in R&D of acoustic material

Vasco Marelli,2016年在意大利英苏布里亚大学获得物理硕士学位,从2017起在SAATI S.p.A的声学研发团队担任青年科学家,目前居住于意大利科莫省。他的工作包括研究声学材料的理论表现、测量其主要特征并与模拟结果进行比对。他应用这项知识去帮助顾客为其特定应用选择最合适的声学材料。

Dr. Vasco Marelli, Master Degree in Physics earned in 2016 at Insubria University, Como, Italy.  Junior Scientist in the R&D Acoustic team of SAATI S.p.A since 2017, he presently resides in Como, Italy. His work consists in studying the theoretical behavior of acoustic materials, measuring their main characteristics and comparing with the simulations. He uses this knowledge in order to support customers choosing the most suitable acoustic material for their specific application.