Mr. Andrea Rusconi Clerici



Expert in MEMS Loudspeakers

Co-founder and CTO of USound

Andrea Rusconi Clerici在MEMS行业拥有20年的技术经验,从事技术研发、产品开发、制造工程和运营。在Fraunhofer研究所、STMicroelectronics公司、美信半导体公司、Sensordynamics公司的经历,使他积攒了研究、大规模企业和创办企业的经验。在STMicroelectronics公司任职期间,他是实现MEMS业务在五年内从零增长到每年2.5亿美元的关键人物,并取得从新技术IP到系列产品大规模生产的成就。他联合创立了USound公司,使命是将基于MEMS系统的微型扬声器推向市场。作为USound公司的联合创始人和首席技术官,他致力于实现MEMS扬声器的突破性技术发展。

Andrea Rusconi Clerici has 20 years technical experience in the MEMS industry being involved Technology in R&D, product development, manufacturing engineering and operations. He has experience in research (Fraunhofer Institute), large companies (STMicroelectronics, Maxim Integrated) and start-up (Sensordynamics). At STMicroelectronics he was a key player for realizing the impressive MEMS business growth from scratch to 250M$/Y in 5 years; achievements ranged from new technologies IP and development to product families mass production. He co-founded USound with the mission of bringing MEMS based micro speakers to the market. He serves now as a co-founder and CTO of USound with the goal of developing ground breaking technologies for MEMS Loudspeakers.