Mr. David W. Scheirman


Bose 公司高级技术专家

AES Past President

Senior technical expert of Bose

David W. Scheirman曾于麻省理工学院(马萨诸塞州剑桥市)、斯坦福大学(加利福尼亚帕罗奥多市)研习复杂产品开发项目,产品管理及技术营销策略。

Scheirman先生曾就职于电声测量实验室、计算机控制音频系统开发公司、网络技术研发公司、扬声器专业领先制造商、安装系统整合商以及某大型音响租赁公司。曾任MediaLink Technologies专业与工业电子经理、IED公司西部区域经理、哈曼专业音响事业群知识资源总监。任JBL专业音响巡演设备副总裁期间,领导团队开发了一套配备重低音音箱的高端线阵列扬声器系统组合,包括创新性的集成控制、数字信号处理与放大器平台等,同时还协助公司对最先进的换能器元件进行产品整合与市场应用。Scheirman先生现任Bose专业系统部全球音乐会及租赁事业部总监。

Scheirman先生曾作为扩声系统技术人员、音乐会音响调音师、大型活动音响设计师,参与过遍及非洲、亚洲、欧洲、拉丁美洲、北美洲的3000多个剧场、舞台、体育馆的项目。曾于1982年至1997年间创办Concert Sound Consultants, Inc.,与全球领先的扩声服务供应商合作为音响设备制造商、产品开发者提供服务。

Scheirman先生曾为Synergetic Audio Concepts,InfoComm International与NSCA创立并发起关于音频控制系统及扬声器应用的技术讲座。曾为一流的商业杂志撰写大量的文章和应用指南,并曾为英国声学研究所、美国声学学会、噪声控制工程国际大会、美国AES学会等专业机构撰写大量关于建筑空间中声频工程、扩声、高性能音频系统的应用等课题的技术论文。

他曾多次出席AES会议并做学术报告,其中包括第6届(扩声,田纳西州纳什维尔市),第13届(计算机控制音响系统,德克萨斯州达拉斯市)、第21届(建筑声学及扩声,俄罗斯圣彼得堡),第50届(音频教育,中田纳西州立大学)、第59届(扩声技术和工程,麦吉尔大学,加拿大蒙特利尔),2016年AES巴西博览会(圣保罗),以及多届在美国和欧洲召开的AES大会。他是AES Governors勋章获得者,曾任 AES USA/Canada西区 VP,并于2017-2018年就任AES理事长。


David W. Scheirman studied complex product development projects, product management,  and technology marketing strategy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), California Institute of Technology (Pasadena, CA), and Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA).

Mr. Scheirman has worked professionally with an electroacoustical measurement laboratory, a computer-controlled audio system developer, a networking technology R&D firm, leading professional loudspeaker manufacturers, an installed system integrator and large-scale rental sound companies. He was employed by MediaLink Technologies in Seattle, Washington as Manager, Professional and Industrial Electronics, and served as Western Regional Manager for IED (Innovative Electronic Design) in Louisville, KY.  He served as Director, Knowledge Resources for Harman Professional. As Vice President of Tour Sound for JBL Professional in Northridge, California, he helped lead a team of colleagues in developing a comprehensive portfolio of advanced line source array type loudspeakers with supporting subwoofers along with an innovative integrated control, DSP, and amplification platform to support them, while also assisting in the product integration and market applications of the company’s most advanced component transducers. Mr. Scheirman is currently Director, Global Concert & Rental Business for the Professional Systems Division of Bose Corporation.

As a former sound reinforcement system technician, concert sound mixer and event sound designer, he worked on over 3,000 theater, arena and stadiums shows in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. To serve audio equipment manufacturers and product developers along with some of the global industry’s leading sound reinforcement service providers, he founded Concert Sound Consultants, Inc. (1982-97).

He has created and presented technical presentations on audio control systems and loudspeaker applications for Synergetic Audio Concepts, InfoComm International and NSCA (National System Contractors Association). Mr. Scheirman has authored numerous articles and application features for leading trade publications and technical papers about audio engineering, sound reinforcement, and the application of high performance audio systems in architectural spaces for professional organizations including the Institute of Acoustics (UK), Acoustical Society of America, The International Congress on Noise Control Engineering, and the Audio Engineering Society. 

For the AES, his International Conference paper presentations have included the 6th (Sound Reinforcement, Nashville TN), 13th (Computer Controlled Sound Systems, Dallas, TX), 21st (Architectural Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement, St. Petersburg, Russia), 50th (Audio Education, Middle Tennessee State University), 59th (Sound Reinforcement Technology and Engineering, McGill University, Montreal Canada), and the 2016 AES Brasil Expo (Sao Paolo) along with numerous AES Conventions in the USA and Europe. He is the Recipient of an AES Board of Governors Award, has served as AES VP, Western Region USA/Canada, and has served the Audio Engineering Society as its President (2017-18).

In addition to technical career interests, Mr. Scheirman is a former professional musician with a classical choral and symphonic training background, having also had extensive experience in contemporary musical performances. He appreciates quality audio recordings and live concerts across many different styles of music. Mr. Scheirman lives with his wife, daughter and father-in-law in Southern California, USA.