Mr. Mark Dodd



Head of GP Acoustics Research


Head of GP Acoustics Research

the recipient of the Peter Barnett Memorial Award

Having graduated with a BSc in Physics from Southampton University in the UK Mark started his career in audio at Vitavox in 1981 where he had his first experience in compression driver design and gained a masters degree in applied acoustics at Chelsea College London University in 1986. He then joined Tannoy where he developed the 'Tulip Waveguide' phase plug for their coaxial drivers on which he presented his first paper in the 1992 AES convention in Vienna. In 1994 Mark joined GP Acoustics, a group including KEF and Celestion, becoming Head of group Research in 2001. Since joining GP Acoustics Mark has pioneered the use of Finite Element Analysis in transducer design presenting a several papers on transducer design and more recently on enclosure design at AES, IOA and ISEAT conferences. In 2016 Mark was awarded the Peter Barnett Memorial Award by the Institute of Acoustics for his contribution to the field of electro-acoustics and is currently working in his role of head of research for GP Acoustics on various research projects.