Mr. Steve Temme

Listen, Inc.创始人兼总裁

The founder and President of Listen, Inc.

Steve Temme是SoundCheck音频测试系统制造商Listen, Inc.的创始人和总裁。Steve在1995年创建了这家公司,在过去的24年里,公司音频测量研究一直处于前沿,并定期引入新的测量技术、算法和硬件,能够测试从基本传感器到复杂音频系统的各种设备。近年来,Listen的产品开发重点一直放在创建算法、接口和测试方法上,以测量当今多种多样的无线和云通信设备。Listen成立之前,Steve在Bruel & Kjær担任声学测试和测量的应用工程师、在Apogee Acoustics担任扬声器设计工程师多年。他拥有塔夫茨大学的BSME学位,撰写了许多关于声学测试的论文,并在世界各地广泛演讲。

Steve Temme is founder and President of Listen, Inc., manufacturer of the SoundCheck audio test system. Steve founded the company in 1995, and for the past 24 years the company has remained on the cutting edge of research into audio measurement, regularly introducing new measurement techniques, algorithms and hardware to enable testing of all kinds of devices ranging from basic transducers to complex audio systems. In recent years, Listen’s product development focus has been on creating the algorithms, interfaces and test methods to measure today’s many and varied wireless and cloud-communicating devices. Prior to founding Listen, Steve worked for many years as an acoustic test and measurement applications engineer at Brüel & Kjær, and also as a loudspeaker design engineer at Apogee Acoustics. He holds a BSME from Tufts University, has authored numerous papers on acoustic testing, and has lectured extensively throughout the world.