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Steve Barbar已经在音频行业工作了超过35年,一生都痴迷于声音和声音技术。在马里兰大学学习期间,他加入了学生会的技术组,帮助维护电影、公共广播以及校园广播站的广播设备的音频系统。他为校园音乐会组织租用大尺寸广播系统,并为许多表演者操作这些系统。

1981年,他加入了Systems Wireless Ltd.,该公司专门为大型活动提供大型多通道无线系统和频率协调。这些活动包括艾美奖、格莱美奖、乡村音乐奖、托尼奖、超级碗、职业碗、美国小姐大赛、自由周末等等。同时也包括给活动提供设施,如NBC、 CBS、 ABC、 PTL、 CBN、今日美国、CNN、 NFL电影沃尔特、迪斯尼、环球等。

Barbar先生于1984年加入Lexicon公司,担任先进广播产品经理,负责当时新兴的技术——数字音频。他监督开发了Lexicon的广播质量时间压缩系统,该系统赢得了艾美奖。此外,他还致力于开发Lexicon 480L——第一个具有数字互联性的商业信号处理器,它成为了数字混响和全数字控制的行业标准。1989年,他和David Griesinger博士开发了LARES - Lexicon声学增强系统,该系统可以通过电子手段改变室内声学。这个系统在1993年被Mix杂志科技奖提名。

1995年,Barbar先生成立了LARES Associates公司,设计、整合和开发电子声学增强的综合系统。此外,LARES公司还在声学、电声学和人类神经学领域进行研究。从那时起,LARES Associates公司在世界各地的音乐厅、歌剧院、表演艺术中心、礼拜堂、体育场、录音设施、录音棚、排练室和室外场地安装了数百个声学增强系统。在2008年,LARES Associates开发了一系列新的系统硬件,称为E-Coustic系统。该硬件支持从人类神经学研究中获得的新算法,这代表了音质性能的巨大飞跃。


Founder of LARES Associates

Member and an invited panelist of the Audio Engineering Society

Member and an invited panelist of the Acoustic Society of America

Member and an invited panelist of the Institute of Acoustics

Steve Barbar has been working professionally in the audio industry for more than thirty-five years, and has been infatuated with sound and sound technology throughout his life.  While studying at the University of Maryland, he joined the technical staff at the student union and assisted in maintaining the audio systems for film and public address, as well as the broadcast equipment in the campus radio station.  He helped to organize rentals of large format public address systems for music concerts on campus, and operated these systems for many performers.

In 1981 he joined Systems Wireless Ltd. who specialized in providing large multi-channel wireless systems and frequency co-ordination for large events.  These included the Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, Country Music Awards, Tony Awards, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, Miss America Pageant, Liberty Weekend, and many more. This also included work for facilities such as NBC, CBS, ABC, PTL, CBN, USA Today, CNN, NFL Films Walt, Disney, Universal, and others.

Mr. Barbar joined Lexicon Inc. in 1984 as Advanced and Broadcast Products Manager to work with a then emerging technology – digital audio. He oversaw development of Lexicon’s broadcast quality time compression systems which earned an Emmy award. In addition, he worked on development of the Lexicon 480L- the first commercial signal processor with digital interconnectivity, which became an industry standard for both digital reverberation as well as all digital mastering.   In 1989, he and Dr. David Griesinger developed LARES – Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System that alters room acoustics electronically.  This system was nominated for a Tech award by Mix magazine in 1993.

In 1995 Mr. Barbar formed LARES Associates, which designs, integrates, and develops comprehensive systems for electronic acoustic enhancement.   In addition, LARES Associates performs ongoing research in the fields of acoustics, electro-acoustics and human neurology.  Since that time, LARES Associates has installed hundreds of acoustic enhancement systems worldwide in concert halls, opera houses, performing arts centers, houses of worship, sports arenas, recording facilities, soundstages, rehearsal rooms, and outdoor venues.  In 2008, LARES Associates developed a range of new system hardware branded as E-Coustic Systems.  This hardware supports new algorithms derived from research in human neurology that represent a substantial leap forward in sonic performance.

Mr. Barbar is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, the Acoustic Society of America, and the Institute of Acoustics.   He has been an invited panelist for these organizations, in addition to presenting scientific papers and lectures.