Mr. Jan Abildgaard Pedersen

AES past president

Jan Abildgaard Pedersen graduated with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Aalborg in Denmark in 1993, where he specialized in Acoustics. After graduating Jan became a DSP Research Engineer at Bang & Olufsen in the Electroacoustics Research & Development. Later in 1998 Jan became a Technology Specialist for Acoustics and DSP within Bang & Olufsen.


In 2004 Jan joined AM3D, Denmark, in a position as Senior Research Manager and 2005 he joined Lyngdorf Audio in a position as Senior Research Manager. In 2009 Jan became a Senior Manager and Specialist in DSP & Acoustic Technology with Bang & Olufsen first in Automotive Audio and later adding domestic Audio/Video products.


In 2014 Jan joined DYNAUDIO, Denmark, in a position as Development Director, CTO.


In 2017 Jan joined Amazon Devices, LAB126, in Sunnyvale California in a position as "Senior Manager, Audio Hardware Technology".


In 2022 Jan founded his own Audio Consulting Company: “Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Consult”, where he offers a wide range of consulting within Audio: Sound Tuning, Innovation Process, Audio DSP Algorithms, Solving Impossible Audio Problems, Room Adaptation, Audio System Development, Audio Research, Audio Strategy Advisor, Patents, White Papers, Scientific Papers, PR Events, Audio Seminars, Audio Training Sessions etc


Jan is behind 14 international patents on areas like room adaptation, spatial sound reproduction and 3D audio. In addition Jan is the author of more than 30 scientific papers, which he has presented at international conferences on audio, e.g. at the “Audio Engineering Society Conventions”.


Jan is a member of AES and is actively contributing to the continued development of AES, e.g. by organizing International AES Conferences and chairing AES Committees.


Jan has been working in many research areas like Low Frequency Sound Field, Loudspeaker/Room Adaptation, Near-Field Acoustic Measurements, Warped Filters, Volterra Series, Subwoofer Requirements, Acoustic Reflectors, 3D Audio and more.


Jan is a Past President of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).