Prof. MAO Dongxing

Director of the Institute of Acoustics in Tongji University

Former vice-president of Acoustic Society of China (ASC) 

Prof. Dongxing Mao obtained his BSc from Nanjing University in Nanjing, and his Msc & PhD from Tongji Uinveristy in Shanghai,China.

Prof. Dongxing Mao’s research field covers noise and vibration control, environmental acoustics and psychoacoustics. His specialist areas include subjective hearing perception of acoustic signals, subjective evaluation of noise and sound quality, acoustic comfort in open spaces and interiors, sound propagation and prediction, acoustic metamaterial and its application. His major contributions include equal loudness characterises of Chinese people, binaural loudness and nearfield loudness; sound quality metrics and weighting correction for low frequency noise; micro-perforated absorbing structures and acoustic metamaterials for sound absorbing and insulation.

He has published over 100 papers on refereed journals, book chapters and conference papers. He is now director of the Institute of Acoustics in Tongji University, deputy director of technical committee TC17 on acoustics of Chinese National Standards Committee, former vice-president of Acoustic Society of China (ASC).