Dr. François Montignies

Head of Education Programs at L-Acoustics

Francois Montignies is the head of Education Programs at L-Acoustics, a live sound brand which is internationally recognized for its high-end loudspeaker systems and immersive audio technologies. Since he integrated the company in 2011, he held various positions in the R&D and Application departments. He has developed the product and vocational training for the L-Acoustics end-users, designing more than 15 courses and training more than 70 instructors over the years. François also led field-application research on the behavior of variable curvature line sources and, thereafter, designed innovative software tools for line source optimization.

He is regularly invited to share his expertise on line sources and other pro audio topics in AES conferences and scientific outreach events around the world.


As an educational background, François holds two MSc degrees: one in acoustic engineering and the other in cognitive sciences. Prior to L-Acoustics, he also completed a Ph.D in psychoacoustics for product sound design and had research experience in 3D sound for augmented reality applications.