Prof. GUAN Shanqun

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

GUAN Shanqun, professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), Fellow of the Chinese Institute of Electronics (CIE) and Fellow of the Acoustical Society of China (ASC). He is a famous electro-acoustics expert and educator honoring government-granted special allowance and working across disciplines of science and arts. He is the pioneer and promoter of the connecting between science and arts in research of stereo in China, and directly guided the starting and developing of stereo/surround sound/ large-scale conference system in China, as well as encouraged the studies on head-related transfer functions and virtual auditory display in China stepping to the world’s prestigious ranks. His monograph called “Bases of electro-acoustic technology” as well as a list of publications influences electro-acoustic technology engineers and art workers for decades. Moreover, under his supervision, the TV and electro-acoustic teaching and research section in Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has achieved fruitful and prominent world-class research works, and thus awarded as “Science and Technology Advanced Collective of National Colleges and Universities” jointly by the National Academy of Sciences and State Education Commission.