Prof. XIE Bosun

Leader of the Institute of Acoustics of South China

Dr. XIE Bosun, vice president of Chinese Acoustical Society, editorial board member of “Journal of acoustics” and “Journal of applied acoustics”. He is now a professor in the school of physics and optoelectronics, School of science, South China University of technology. He is also the director of the Institute of acoustics and doctoral supervisor in South China University of technology.


He graduated from the Physics Department of South China University of Science in January 1982 and stayed to teach since then. He graduated from South China University of technology and Tongji University with master's degree and doctor's degree in acoustics in July 1987 and November 1998.


He is mainly engaged in the teaching and scientific research of acoustics. Research fields include electroacoustics, psychoacoustics, acoustic signal processing, indoor acoustics, etc. He managed and completed a number of vertical scientific research projects, such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the excellent young teachers funded by the Ministry of education, the natural science foundation of Guangdong Province, and the science and technology project of Guangzhou. He also worked with large domestic enterprises to finish a number of horizontal scientific and Technological Development and electroacoustic engineering projects. In recent years, he published a book "head related transfer function and virtual hearing", published early 200 papers in core journals, and obtained 7 national invention patents. As a tutor, 9 doctoral students and 30 master students have been recruited.