Mr. YU Jinyuan

Guagnzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Corporation Ltd.

Mr. YU Jin-yuan, born in 1943, had been serving as chief engineer of GGEC, transferred to Technique consultant of the company since 2015. He is the committee member of Audio Engineering Section of Acoustics Society of China, and the expert group member of China Electroacoustic Industry Association. Since 1965, he has been working on loudspeaker design and production in GGEC for over 40 years. He has published “The Theory & Production of Loudspeaker System” (1997) and “Design and Production of Loudspeaker” (2007), “Design and Production of Loudspeaker—the whole new version”(cooperated with Jimmy Ying etc.).  For the past many years, he has a lot of publications on loudspeaker in several magazines such as Audio Engineering.