Prof. ZHAO Qichang

Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University

Prof. ZHAO Qi-chang graduated from Nanjing University majoring in acoustics in 1964 and then joined the faculty until he retired in 2002. He successively held the posts of leader of electric acoustics & environmental acoustics laboratory in Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University, head of acoustics division of the Department of Electronic Science & Engineering, director of Acoustical Society of China and the leader of Professional Audio Group of Performing Venue and Equipment Committee of China Entertainment Technology Association. At present, he is the member of China National Technical Committee of Standardization for Acoustics.

He presided over and helped in the drafting of more than ten standards. His work includes "Measurement of Audio Acoustics", "Modern Audio Technology and Engineering", and "Sound Reinforcement Engineering as a translation". Three patents have been authorized. Dozens of his treatises were published in Chinese "Journal of Acoustics", "Applied Acoustics", "Audio Engineering", "Electronic Technology, Entertainment Technology" and so on.