Mr. ZHANG Zhiqiang

Jiangsu Electronic Information Products Quality Supervision Inspection Research Institute

National SAC / TC242 member

Mr. ZHANG Zhi-qiang, graduated from School of Physics, department of acoustics in Nanjing University, professor level senior engineer of Jiangsu Electronic Information Products Quality Supervision Inspection Research Institute, member of China National Technical Standardization Committee on Electroacoustics, mainly engages in the quality analysis, test technology, subjective evaluation and other aspects related work on electroacoustic products.

During 1985 and 1988, Mr. Zhang was responsible for completing the industry concentration tests and the appraisal missions of the 5 ", 6.5"loudspeakers. During 2000 and 2013, Mr. Zhang has been responsible for the formulation of the standard “general Specification of Compositive Loudspeaker System for Home Theater” and the revision of “the national standards Methods of Measurement for Main Characteristics of Loudspeakers”, “Methods of Measurement for Microphones”, “General Specification for Electro-dynamic Loudspeaker of Direct Radiator Type” and “Sizes for Plotting Frequency Characteristics and Polar Diagrams”. Mr. Zhang also participated in the formulation or revision of the standards “Primary Method for Free-field Calibration of Laboratory Standard Microphones by the Reciprocity Technique”, “Practice Specification of Loudspeaker Components Used in Professional Audio” and “Sound Reinforcement and Methods of Measurement on Audio Amplifiers”.