Prof. SUN Guangrong

Institute of Acoustics, Nanjing University

Prof. Guangrong SUN, graduated from physics department of Nanjing University in 1956, then worked at physics department as a teacher. He assumed the vice director of Acoustics Institute,the dean of Electric Science and Engineering department, and the dean of Information and Electric  department(1990s). He won the Special Allowance of the State Council. He was the vice director of the Electric Acoustics Standardize Technique Committee, the member of National Acoustics Standardize technique Committee, and the member of Architecture physics Academic Committee. He engaged in Architectural Acoustics, Electric Acoustics and Environmental Acoustics, and published more than an 50 papers and three books: <The Acoustic Design Principle of Anechoic Room and Reverberation Room>(Science Publishing House, Beijing, 1981), <Noise measuring and Control>(Jiangsu Science technique Publishing House, Nanjing, 1985) and <The Foundation of Environmental Acoustics>(Publishing House of Nanjing University, Nanjing, 1995). He won the Science and Technology Award: one National Science and Technology Advance No.3 Award; and five second grade science and technology award from Education Ministry, Electric Ministry and Civilization Ministry.