Dr. Jinwei Feng

Principal engineer with DingTalk Hummingbird Lab, Alibaba Group

Jinwei Feng is a principal engineer with DingTalk Hummingbird Lab, Alibaba Group. His research work is focused on acoustic design and front-end signal processing for audio- & video-conferencing applications. He holds a Master Degree from Nanjing University & a Ph.D. degree in acoustics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA.


Dr. Feng worked as the principal investigator in putting out the world's first successful voice-tracking camera in videoconferencing industry. The innovation has thereafter been imitated by all major players in the industry, including Cisco, Logitech & Huawei, creating a global market worth of hundreds of millions of dollars.


Since joining Alibaba Group, Dr. Feng and audio team have made some advances in audio research which are published on the world's two renowned international conferences, i.e., Inter-Speech and ICASSP. Some of the technologies have found their applications in shipping products.