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  Dr. Akira Mochimaru  

Dr. Akira Mochimaru


Senior specialist from Bose


Akira Mochimaru博士拥有日本大学科学技术学院建筑工程博士学位。他曾加入东京富士音响有限责任公司(现雅马哈音响),从事室内声学和扩声系统设计。他开发了一个计算机模拟软件,用于提高大空间扩声系统设计的准确性和工作效率,该软件被Mark IV Audio公司购买,后成为AcoustaCADD——20世纪90年代最流行的扩声系统设计模拟软件。其中最著名的扩声系统设计是建成于1989年的东京巨蛋(Tokyo Dome),该体育馆是日本第一个的充气式室内体育馆,拥有50,000个座位。

198911月,Mochimaru博士加入Mark IV公司旗下的的奥特蓝星公司,从事AcoustaCADD的开发,包括可听化系统的开发。他还负责诸多扬声器产品的开发,包括DTS和全双工技术系统,并为集成商和咨询商提供系统设计支持,其中包括为1994年冬奥会的所有设备提供设计,当时他也是奥林匹克技术委员会的官方成员。在此期间,他作为AES委员会成员,从事扬声器数据库和可听化的标准化工作。





Dr. Akira Mochimaru holds Doctoral degree on Architectural Engineering from College of Science and technology, Nihon University. He joined Fuji Sound, Co. Ltd. (currently Yamaha Sound System in Tokyo as a room acoustics and sound system design. He developed a computer simulation software to increase accuracy and productivity of sound system design in large spaces. This software was purchased by Mark IV Audio later and had become AcoustaCADD, most popular simulation software for sound system design in 1990s. One of most remarkable sound system design was Tokyo Dome, first air inflated indoor stadium having 50,000 seats in Japan established in 1989.

Dr. Mochimaru joined Altec Lansing, a Mark IV audio company, in Nov. 1989 and worked on AcoustaCadd development including Auralizatiion system. He also worked on speaker product development including DTS, Duplex Technology System, as well as system design supports for integrators and consultants including all facilities for 1994 Winter Olympic as an official member of Olympic Technical Committee. During this period, he worked on standardization of loudspeaker database and Auraliztion as a member of AES committee.

He joined Bose Corporation as a senior research engineer in 1993 Nov. and worked on various research projects for pro. One of the achievements is development of simulation algorithm which predicts three-dimensional radiation characteristics of horn (waveguide) speakers based on dimensions of the waveguide. This technology was applied to a product development when Bose Corporation worked on sound system for Mosque in Mecca. He was also involved in system design for figure skate arena for Nagano Winter Olympic. At Nagano.

He took a role in initiating Bose professional division in Japan by relocating back to Tokyo in Oct. 1998. Few years after, he became Senior Executive Director of Bose Japan and his responsibility was expanded to sales and marketing for both Home Entertainment and Pro business. During this period he initiated and led new DSP product development which has become ControlSapce in 2004. This is the first and only global product managed and developed by outside headquarters.

In 2006, Dr. Mochimaru was appointed to a General Manager of Professional Systems Division for Bose Corporation in USA. Relocated back to Massachusetts, started managing professional product business with the primary responsibilities on product planning, development, manufacturing, marketing and global business performance (revenue and profit). Initiated new global strategy in focusing on Engineered Sound market to solve unique challenge of its market segment by adapting unique technologies in speaker, amplifier and signal processing/control with leveraging product sales/distribution/field technical service network Bose already have. He initiated and led the development of RoomMatch and PowerMatch products which have been well accepted by the industry and dealers t. His responsibility has been extended to overall Bose professional products business including global sales, marketing and operations since April, 2015.

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